My services

1. Helping companies develop successful strategies and make informed decisions through analysis and strategic thinking.

2. Helping companies improve their products, services, or processes within them by thinking outside the box and providing new solutions to problems.

3. Helping companies develop new systems and applications that are useful in all industries.

4. Helping companies create effective marketing content and write accurate technical documents.

5. Helping companies attract customers and increase sales.

6. Helping technology companies develop new data analysis systems.

7. Helping manufacturing companies develop a new, more efficient production process.

8. Managing a new product development project (all types of necessary – complementary – alternative products)

9. Solve administrative problems in a toxic work environment.

10. Helping financial companies develop a new model for risk assessment.

11. Adding value to companies through:

– Analysis and strategic thinking

– Innovation and providing innovative solutions.

– Technical skills.

– Communication and writing skills.

– Marketing and sales.

– project management .

– Intellectual contribution.